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Our Philosophy

As a family with three young girls, we have been customers of many different activities and programs over the past 20 years, with the goal of finding physical activities for our kids.  In each of these activities, we have been able to observe what works well for our kids and what doesn't, what parents like and what they do not, how parents are willing and unwilling to spend their money, and what we think would maximize the time spent in our gym.  Here's what we have learned and what is the impetus behind the birth of Spring into Action and the Carolina Magic Allstars:  


What Kids Want:


We have learned that kids want to be pushed to perform beyond what they think they are capable of doing, and positively coached and rewarded for their accomplishments.  We have learned that kids love to be in a group and team environment that is encouraging, fun, drama-free, and something that they look forward to returning to for each session.  We have learned that once kids acquire a new skill, they can't wait to perfect it and move on to the next.  We have learned that kids love being kids.


What Parents Want:


We have learned first-hand that parents want to be able to observe what their kids are doing, and where their money is going.  We have learned that parents do not want to see classes with excessive down-time, water breaks, silliness, and lack of control.  We have learned that parents do not want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on unexpected and unnecessary items and excessive travel.  We have learned that parents want a clean, safe, and inviting facility.  We have learned that parents want to be constantly updated on their child's progress and other necessary communications.  


This is what we have learned.  This is our philosophy and how we intend to make your and your child's experience at Carolina Magic Allstars the best that it can be.  We look forward to seeing you.


Terry and Jeff Watkins

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