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​Beginner Tumbling

This is a beginner class that will teach the basic fundamentals of tumbling.


Students will work on basic progressions: forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, handstand drills, cartwheels, round-offs and back walk-overs.


Strength and flexibility will be instructed each class and staff will assist each student with hands-on spotting techniques to ensure proper body alignment and muscle memory.


This class is further divided into Beginner 1 and 2.  Beginner 2 will start continue working on the technique of these skills but will start combining them into multiple skill passes.  They will also start learning skills leading up to back-handsprings.


Beginner 1 :

     Monday 5-6 pm

Beginner 2 :

     Tuesday 5-6 pm

$65 /month

* $30 annual registration fee


Intermediate Tumbling

This class is geared for students who have mastered the basic tumbling skills and are ready to move on.


The class will be a combination of athletes with a wide range of skills up to perfecting their back handspring.


The skills in this class include dive rolls, front and back walkovers, multiple cartwheels, power hurdle, and a two-step entry into a round-off.  Some of the more advanced tumblers in this class will begin to work on standing and running back handsprings in a safe and controlled environment. 


As always, strength, conditioning, and flexibility will also be taught each class session.





Wednesday 8-9 pm



A $30 annual registration fee is due upon registration per each child

Advanced Tumbling

Students must be able to perform multiple  back handspring and a round-off back handspring without assistance. 


This class will introduce combination tumbling, multiple back handspring connections from a round-off, and begin to work progressions towards
the back tuck and front tuck.  


Many students will use this class to improve the efficiency and technique of their handsprings to more effectively perform more advanced skills.


This class will also work on the standing back tuck, round-off back tuck, running connections that end in back tucks or tumble out of back tucks.  Progressing to skills such as layouts, whips and fulls.


Strength, conditioning, and flexibility will be important components of each class.



   Please contact us regarding availability

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